University of Pretoria Undergraduate Application Courses Offered

By | May 12, 2021
University of Pretoria Undergraduate Application Courses

The University of Pretoria (UP) is a seven-campus public university with its largest campus in the heart of Hatfield, the picturesque diplomatic hub of South Africa’s capital city. We’re proud to stand among the world’s leading research universities. 

University of Pretoria Undergraduate Application Courses Offered

Advanced diploma School Leadership and Management
BA Audiology
BA Fine Arts
BA Information Design
BA Languages
BA Law
BA Speech-Language Pathology
BA Visual Studies
BAdmin Public Management and International Relations
BAdmin Hons Public Administration and Management
BAgric Hons Extension
BAgricHons Rural Development
BAHons African Languages
BAHons Afrikaans
BAHons Ancient Languages and Cultures Studies
BAHons Applied Language Studies
BAHons Archaeology
BAHons Augmentative and Alternative Communication
BAHons Criminology
BAHons Drama and Film Studies
BAHons English
BAHons French
BAHons German
BAHons International Relations
BAHons Literary Theory
BAHons Music
BAHons Philosophy
BAHons Political Science


MArch (Professional)

MArch Architecture

MEng Bioengineering

MEng Chemical Engineering

MEng Computer Engineering

MEng Control Engineering

MEng Electrical Engineering

MEng Electronic Engineering

MEng Engineering Management (Coursework)

MEng Environmental Engineering

MEng Geotechnical Engineering

MEng Industrial Engineering

MEng Mechanical Engineering

MEng Metallurgical Engineering

MEng Microelectronic Engineering

MEng Mining Engineering

MEng Project Management (Coursework)

MEng Software Engineering

MEng Structural Engineering

MEng Technology Management

MEng Technology Management (Coursework)

MEng Transportation Engineering

MEng Water Resources Engineering

MEng Water Utilisation Engineering


MIntArch Professional

MIS Information Science

MIS Library Science

MIS Multimedia

MIS Publishing

MIT Information Systems

MIT Information Technology

MLArch (Professional)

MLArch Landscape Architecture

MSc Applied Science Architecture (Coursework)

MSc Applied Science Chemical Technology

MSc Applied Science Control

MSc Applied Science Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering

MSc Applied Science Environmental Technology

MSc Applied Science Geotechnics

MSc Applied Science Industrial Systems

MSc Applied Science Structures

MSc Applied Science Transportation Planning

MSc Applied Science Water Resources

MSc Applied Science Water Utilisation

MSc Computer Science

MSc Construction Management

MSc Engineering Management (Coursework)

MSc Project Management

MSc Quantity Surveying

MSc Real Estate Retail property (Coursework)

MSc Real Estate

MSc Real Estate (Coursework)

MSc Technology Management

MSc Technology Management (Coursework)

MTRP (Coursework)

MTRP Town and Regional Planning

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