List of Electric Fence Training Schools In South Africa

By | May 11, 2021
Electric Fence schools In South Africa

An electric fence is a barrier that uses electric shocks to deter animals and people from crossing a boundary. The voltage of the shock may have effects ranging from discomfort to death.

If you are in south Africa and wish to learn how do the Electric Fencing then you are at the right place.

In this article i will provide you wit the list of Electric Fence Training Schools In South Africa

List of Electric Fence Training Schools In South Africa


Nemteck Training Courses

Installer Training

Module 1: Installation of an Electric fence – Hardware and introduction to Security energizers.

This module covers all the hardware required for an installation of both wall top and free standing electric fencing, planning of the installation, choosing the correct product and calculating costs as well as an introduction to security energizers

You will be able to identify products used on an electric fence, Determine equipment required for an installation (Quotations), Plan an electric fence, Identify different wiring methods on an electric fence (Parallel & Series wiring), Understand basic definitions and legal requirements, Identify electric fence energizers and Fault finding.

Module 2: Energizers and programming.

This module covers the electronic side of security energizers. It will include an introduction to the range of Nemtek Security energizers and the programming thereof as well as energizer specifications. This is a hands on course and is recommended to everyone involved in the installation and programming of energizers.

You will be able to identify Nemtek energizers and their specifications, interpret the installer and user manuals, programme an energizer, connect both high and low voltage cables to the energizer, test and determine faults on an energizer and if necessary repair the energizer.

Module 3: Multi-zone and networking systems.

This module will introduce you to the Multi- zone systems, networkable energizers and programming thereof. The different forms of communication, Druid network IO cards together with the Druid controller and software used for PC computer interaction.

You will be able to offer various types of multi zone network system solutions, identify the correct product and calculate costs. Configure a network (star or daisy chain) and identify the different forms of communication RS485, Fibre, Ethernet or wireless.

Module 4: Animal Management and Control

This module will introduce you to permanent and portable agricultural electric fencing. This includes agri posts, fence wire, ropes, tapes and all fence accessories as well as Agri energizers (mains, battery and or solar powered)

You will be able to identify Nemtek energizers and their specifications, interpret the installer and user manuals, programme an energizer, connect both high and low voltage cables to the energizer, test and determine faults on an energizer and if necessary repair the energizer.

Module 5: Certificate of compliance (COC) qualification

The South African Occupational Health and Safety act of 1993, requires that any new electric fence installed after December 2012 will need a Certificate of Compliance (COC). In order to issue an Electric Fence Certificate of Compliance, an installer needs to complete a registered EWSETA approved course which in turn will qualify the installer to be able to issue a COC. The RPL assessment process offered by the Nemtek certified training centre will allow a candidate to prove competency through a portfolio of evidence (POE) and a practical is performed in front of a certified EWSETA assessor.

If found competent through the RPL process, the candidate will be recognized as a certified electric fence installer with the Department of Labor (DOL) and able to issue a compliance certificate (COC).

Contact NEMTEK For Details

2. Stafix – Electric Fence Training

A full day course covering the basics of electric fencing. The course starts with agricultural background and explanation of electric fencing moving more into security as the day progresses. The course lightly covers topics such as Agricultural Electric Fencing, WallTop Electric Fencing, FreeStanding Electric Fencing and if required some Game Electric Fencing.

Depending on available time, current laws are discussed and Solar Powered Electric Fencing. The course is largely classroom-based, but in larger centers, hands-on JVA Energizer and fence wiring are also completed. At the end of the course, an open book exam is conducted and certificates are awarded to those who pass.


This course includes lunch, refreshments as well as a comprehensive set of course notes.

Space is limited and confirmation of bookings is only guaranteed on payment. Please use our booking forms below for this purpose, complete and fax back to fax number specified in relevant booking form.


Courses start at 8:00  until 16:00


Payment must be made when booking for the Course to secure your place. Please fax proof of payment to fax number specified in relevant booking form.


Any cancellations must be received no later than 5 working days prior to the course date.


For any further information, please contact your nearest branch to confirm dates and pricing.                  

Contact Us

PRICING for Basic Training Course:

R 460.00 Incl Vat per person per course

For Please contact your nearest branch to confirm dates and pricing.        

Training dates are subject to change without prior notice.

3. ECA(SA)’s Electric Fence Installer Course

The ECA(SA)’s next Electric Fence Installer Course will take place from 18 to 20 April. This  course is accredited by the Energy and Water Sector Education and Training Authority (EWSETA) for those who wish to register as an Electric Fence System Installer (EFSI) as per Regulations 12 – 15 (p.14 – 17) of the Electrical Machinery Regulations.

Electric fence installations may only be done (and a Certificate of Compliance therefore issued) by persons registered as Electric Fence System Installers (EFSI).

Course description 

The Electric Fence Course is an RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) course for persons who have been in the Electric Fence Installation field for more than two years. The aim of the course is to accredit Electric Fence Installers with EWSETA and for them to be registered with the Department of Labour (DoL).

Entry requirements

As this is a Recognition of Prior Learning course, it will address the shortfall between Installation Electrician (IE) and Electric Fence System Installer.

Persons who wish to register for RPL as an Electric Fence System Installer should:

  • Be over the age of 16;
  • Be a qualified electrician (must have passed his/her trade test);
  • In possession of a Wireman’s Licence in Single Phase or Installation Electrician or Master Installation Electrician;
  • Must have at least two year’s working experience as in Electric Fence System Installer.

Course outline this ad?

Unit Standards:

  • Electric Fence Installations
  • Demonstrate an understanding of electric fencing
  • Apply cabling methods
  • Use elementary electronics as applied to electronic systems
  • Configure an installation
  • Determine installation requirements
  • Explain the use of installed systems
  • Assessment – Day 3

Course duration

The course is held over three days – usually from Wednesday to Friday, from 07h45 am to 16h00 daily.

Included in this course

  • Pre-assessment of attendees (please read above entry requirements).
  • Course on Electrical Fence Installations.
  • Copy of SANS 10222, the National Standard applicable to electric fences.
  • Copy of the Electrical Machinery Regulations 2011.
  • Training on all the required unit standards (above).

If attendees are found competent, application will be made on their behalf for the statement of competency from EWSETA. Once this is received, attendees can apply to the Department of Labour to be registered as an EFSI and the ECA(SA) will provide guidance on this registration process.

Cost of the course

The cost of the course for members of the ECA(SA) is R3 000 and non-members, R4 000.

This includes learning material, refreshments and lunch.


The course is currently only being presented at the ECA(SA)’s Meadowdale Training Centre,

Course dates

Courses will be held on the following dates in 2018:

18 – 20 April

30 May – 1 June

27 – 29 June

1 – 3 August

12 – 14 September

3 – 5 October

21 – 23 November


For more information or to book a place at one of the courses, contact:

Leola Peterson, ECA(SA) Meadowdale, (011) 392 0000, email

Rika Nel, ECA(SA) Pretoria, (012) 342 3242, or email

4. Security Warehouse Training Academy

You can register for a course by following these easy steps:

Step 1:

  • Complete enrolment form here 

Step 2:

  • Process payment


Account Name:Security Warehouse Training Academy Pty (Ltd)
Bank:Standard Bank Centurion
Account Number:018395201
Branch Code:012645
Account Type:Savings
Reference:Your Full Name

Step 3:

For any assistance please contact Nella-Mari Herbst on 012 653 1005.

5. SAIDSA Training Centre

The SAIDSA Training Courses consist of a number of short skills programmes designed to uplift the skills of Alarm technicians.

The 5 Day Technical classroom course as per our calendar or if you are in an outlying area you can complete the Online Technical training or Technical Sales training at your own pace. The courses include

# Intruder Alarm Technical Training

# CCTV And Video Surveillance Training

# Technical Sales Training (alarm and cctv)

# Insurance Accessor (Alarm)

Apply Online

6. Regal Security Training Courses

Regal Security has formed an academy to assist in training you and your employees on the various products in our range.

The Advantages of Product Training:

  • Commission excellent sites through comprehensive product knowledge.
  • Improve the quality of your installations.
  • Equip yourself with the advantage of knowledge of new product features.
  • Better knowledge of the products lower customer support cost.
  • Increase sales.
  • Improve customer satisfaction through superior customer service.

Training SchedulesElectric Fence schools In South Africa

Download Full Training Schedule & Course Content Overview

7. PERSAS Security Training Course

g requirements nationally through our training affiliates.

 We offer training solutions to owners of security companies who endeavor to qualify them and their employees within the Security Industry.

 The following registered skills programs are available as short term courses:

  • Patrol Security Officer (SASSETA E) – Old Grade “E” PSIRA

NQF Level 3/4 and Total Credit 39

  • Access control Officer (SASSETA D) – Old Grade “D” PSIRA

NQF Level 3/4 and Total Credit 35

  • Asset & reaction Officer (SASSETA C) – Old Grade “C” PSIRA

NQF Level 3/4 and Total Credit 39

  • Events Management

NQF Level 2/3/4 and Total Credits 44

  • Retail Security Officer

NQF Level 4 and Total Credit 8

  • National Key Point Security Officer

NQF Level 3/4.

The following course is available as a long term skills program:

National Certificate: General Security Practices  or National Certificate: Specialist Security Practices

–        NQF Level 5

(The qualification obtained is equal to a diploma from a higher education and training practice)

 Recognition of Prior Learning Assessment

Recognition of Prior Learning Assessments can also be conducted for all SASSETA security training courses in order to assist in the conversion process from the old PSIRA grading system to the new SASSETA skills programs.

SASSETA Accreditation and Psira Registration:

To see Persas Protection’s accreditation at SASSETA, click here.  This link will take you to the SASSETA website.

We are registered at Psira.  Click here to visit the Psira website.  Once you’re there, find a block on the right hand side of the page, with the heading “Registration Enquiries”.  Tick the “Company” option.  Now, enter “979012” in the “Psira Number” field.  Click on “Submit”.  The next page that opens will show Persas Protection’s registration details at Psira.

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