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How To Become A Judge In South Africa

Becoming a judge is unlike most jobs as one does not study specifically at university to become one, and then apply for the job. There is no “judging” degree in South Africa. This is unlike other countries, particularly those that follow what is known as the civil law system, where you can study to become… Read More »

Pharmacy Assistant Jobs In South Africa

Pharmacy assistant  works alongside licensed pharmacists and pharmacist technicians to help process prescriptions. Assistants’ duties are typically clerical and organizational in nature and might include answering phones, filling out and filing paperwork, running cash registers and stocking shelves.  Find below sample job vacancy advertisement for a pharmacy assistant and the requirements  Job Purpose: To provide customer… Read More »

22 jobs that pay more than R1 million a year in South Africa

Data from salary comparison and career resource group Salary Explorer lists 22 jobs in South Africa that draw in a total package over R1 million a year. The group’s data represents a combination of user-reported data and salary information from various recruitment agencies, companies and employers. According to Salary Explorer, the average annual salary in South Africa… Read More »

List of Top Careers in South Africa & Requirements

In South Africa, there are thousands of career options to pick from. Some of these careers offer the best opportunities, wages, and status. When choosing a career, you’ll have to consider several things like your strength, personality, skills, and values. Top Careers in South Africa & Their Requirements There are several career paths that are… Read More »