Benefits of Getting a Scholarship – A Free Scholarships for Moms

Benefits of Getting a Scholarship – Any understudy realizes that training costs have risen significantly over the most recent two decades. Subsequently a lot more families, particularly families with lower salary levels, search for approaches to give advanced education. A few understudies searching for help financing their instruction are uncertain of the contrasts between a grant… Read More »

14 Ways To Get Cheap Motor Insurance

How To Get Cheap Motor Insurance. Insurance is the protection of the vehicle, it will save you when there will be no one. Insurance policy is a friend of you for those times when there will be no one. But there are some tips to get a cheap motor insurance quote. Let’s make a discussion on… Read More »

13 Best Medical Universities in South Africa | Rankings 2021

13 Best Medical Universities in South Africa | Rankings 2021 Don’t only think of Zulu when you think of South Africa, also think of studying medicine in South Africa. South Africa is one of the countries in Africa with high human and infrastructural development. So, you should expect South Africa to have some of the… Read More »

Medical Schools in South Africa For International Students

Here is a list of top medical schools in South Africa for international students that not only charge a considerate tuition fee but also offer scholarships to both domestic and international students. These universities are ranked among the best universities in both South Africa and the world at large. Amongst these schools, the University of Cape… Read More »

Monash University Scholarships in Australia 2021 | Study in Australia

Monash University Scholarships in Australia 2021 opens admissions for research and PhD admissions on scholarship. Monash University stands among one of the top research universities in Australia. All postgraduate students would be prepared to work in a highly competitive environment and get great success in the future. All international students would get a range of flexible degree… Read More »

How to apply for scholarships | Scholarships Application

Scholarships Application | How to apply for scholarships. Get tips on college scholarship applications and choosing which scholarships to apply for. Learn more about college scholarship applications When paying for college, always explore scholarship opportunities before considering federal or private student loans. College scholarships are free money that you don’t need to pay back. There’s no limit to the… Read More »

Download intellimali app

How to use your Intellicard Do I need a separate card to use Intellicard? Intellicard is either incorporated into your student card or provided as separate care (depends on the university or institution) and is remotely activated. If your student card is stolen or lost, and you need a new one, this will not affect your… Read More »